Assured Quality

Vitreous Enamel is an extraordinary material. Extraordinary in its performance as well as in its appearance. Thus enamelled products have to be produced with care.

So the European Enamel Authority (EEA) made it to its business, to develop, maintain and audit "Quality Requirements“, which are continuously harmonised between the EEA member associations.

Till last month we offered our "EEA Guideline 1001: Migration from enamelled articles made for food contact – Method of test and permissible limits" for download here on our website. But with the release of the EN ISO 4531 our guideline is now replaced by an official standard.

In 2016 EEA published this guideline because there was the need for a testing method at elevated temperature to test the migration of elements from enamelled articles made for food contact. 
The EEA Guideline 1001 was used by many labs and has also been used as starting document to create the all new EN ISO 4531, which was then published in 2018. 
After publication of the new standard EN ISO 4531, which is now being recognized by all national Standard institutes, the EEA Guideline is no longer needed, and for this reason it has been withdrawn in February 2019.