A company entitled to use the EEA label has demonstrated that it fulfills the quality requirements for the enamel coating of the product it manufactures. The certifying organisation has concluded that the company is able to produce according to EEA standards. Of course, the organisation or the EEA cannot be held responsible if a certain item of the product fails to fulfill the requirements. This is still the responsibility of the producer. If a customer suffers damage because of a defect of an enamelled product and the damage is due to a poor quality of the enamel, the enamelling company itself will have to take care of settling the damage properly. What then is the advantage for the customer? It is obvious. The customer can point to the fact that the producer displays the EEA label, which guarantees deliverance according to the EEA quality standards. So if indeed the enamel is of poor quality, the enamelling company will be found liable for the damage. Also, the company may very well loose its license at the next audit.


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